My Story

    It was the year 2000 in Santa Cruz, California that I started playing music.    I was 16 years old, and found something I loved.  Without taking any lessons or knowing WHAT I was doing.  I just knew it was what I WANTED to do.   

    I quickly started writing songs, and within two years I played my first gig.  Fast forward to today, and I can say I’ve had quite an epic journey with music so far.   

     It’s taken me all over the world, and It’s afforded me friendships, adventures, and memories that I never would have had without it.  It’s challenged me, and It’s always presented new ways of feeling, seeing, and hearing this world and the people in it for which I am grateful.  

     I’ve played at the Long Beach arena in front of 16,000 people, at tiny little open mic nights where the only audience was the other people waiting to perform, and everything in between.   I’ve played with bands in front of engaged dancing crowds, and I’ve played at many events where I was simply providing background music for people to enjoy their time and mingle with the others attending the event. 

     I’ve had the opportunity to open for G-Love (Garrett Dutton), Brett Dennen, The Beautiful Girls (Matt McHugh), Israel Vibration, Tea Leaf Green, Blue Turtle Seduction, Peter Harper, Tom Freund, and countless other bands and performers.  I had the honor to play at countless weddings, and I’ve even played at a funeral.  Whether it’s a dance party, some background music, or anything in between, I’ve been sharing my growing list of songs (both originals and covers) since 2002.   

     I care deeply about making others happy, take pride in my work, and always strive to create a Feel-Good Atmosphere for all I perform for.       

     When I’m not spending quality time with my family, I might be performing solo, DJing at a special event, collaborating with other musicians, or producing/recording in my studio at home.  

     I love being a part of people’s special events, so please contact me with any inquires.  

     Also, be sure to find me on social media, and sign up for my mailing list (you'll get a free download of my song "Choices") to stay tuned with me and what I'm up to.